What To Consider Before Upgrading Your I.T

Before you upgrade your I.T, there are a few things you should consider, as if you don't you could find the cost of the upgrade ballooning other unexpected costs.

If you are switching from a Windows based system to an Apple system, check the compatibility of your day to day software. There is still a lot of Windows based software that has no Apple compatible version. For example if you run Banklink, this is not Apple compatible. A switch to Apple would mean either having to install a windows emulator like Parallels or switch to a new accounting system. Even upgrading from a older Windows system to a newer one will incur license fees as versions of software you already have are upgraded.

If you are already running cloud based software such as Xero, MYOB Essentials or Office Online you should be fine to move freely from one system to the next.

You should also consider if what you are upgrading to will be suitable for your business. Is it overkill, not enough or just right. How will the new technology function within your business? Will it fit in seamlessly, or will you need to make an additional investment in training on how to use the new technology and setting up new procedures?